Conn Bertish // ADC Focus

ADC România presents on 14th of December ADC Focus on Impact - an inspiration session raising the question: “Do we truly create for people?”. The conference will take place at ARCUB Gabroveni, Lipscani 84-90, starting 5 PM.

The event presents 4 talks: “Relevance and Authenticity in Romanian Advertising”, “An honest story of a purpose campaign where everything went wrong”, “Happiness is the Ultimate Rebellion” and “Creative Happy people are harder to kill”. After the conference there will be an after party starting 9.30 PM at Institute, The Café.

One of the guests is Conn Bertish, CEO | Cancer Dojo.

Dubbed an agent provocateur by South African media, Conn Bertish is one of the country’s top creative thinkers. He is an ex-creative director of the World Design Capital Cape Town, Saatchi & Saatchi SA and JWT SA, he is a multiple internationally awarded creative director, conceptual artist, cancer survivor, big wave surfer and founder of the recently launched Cancer Dojo – a mobile app that merges creativity, technology and medicine to help cancer patients become more resilient – and harder to kill.

Conn is a keynote speaker on the intersection of creativity, technology and resilience – for humans and brands.

ADC Focus Talk: Creative Happy people are harder to kill

Conn's talk on creativity redefines the power that creativity has to shift behaviour, both for the creator and their audience.

This talk is powered by MedLife.

The participation for the ADC Focus on Impact conference is free, but requires a reservation, which can be made here. There is a limited number of seats.