Rules and entry guide

ADC*RO Awards
Competition Rules
About the ADC*RO Awards
The ADC*RO Awards competition is organized yearly by the Art Directors Club Romania and The Institute.
ADC*RO Awards will reward the best works in most Romanian advertising related fields with an aim to promote agencies and participating brands both locally and internationally. 
The ADC*RO Awards winners may compete in the ADC*Europe competition, along with works from the other European Clubs, awarded in their local competitions.
The entries must be produced and published for the Romanian market. Every work submitted in the ADC*RO competition must be created by an agency based in Romania and must have ran in Romanian media; the client can be an international brand active on the Romanian market.
The organizers will not accept entries that do not represent an original creation of the agency and are adapted after international executions / campaigns.
All works must have been published or displayed for the first time between 9th of November 2012 and 4th of November 8th of November 2013. 
All works must be submitted into the competition by their authors – agencies, freelancers or client companies with the approval of all parts.  The agency / company name written in the entry form will be credited if the entry is shortlisted or a winner; please make sure that the name you write is correct. 
All entries must have been made within the context of a normal paying contract with a client, except in the Social Services, Public Awareness sections where it may not be the case. That client must have paid for all, or the majority of, the media costs.
The participating agencies / companies should respect these criteria and take full responsibility for the declared facts.
The organizers may refuse works which offend national or religious sentiments or public taste.
Technical explanations
The entry form will be available on between October 9th – November 4th November 8th 2013. 
The entry details and files should be sent in English. 
You can submit an entry in more than one category. Every entry will be submitted and paid separately.
You can enter executions separately as single entries or as campaigns. 
Entries that are not in English must be translated: on the work - as long as the presentation is the same as the original version or accompanied by a full written translation (use the translation field in the entry form). It will be in your own interest to explain or translate any specific word play or local, social, cultural or political references and nuances.
Besides your entry, you must also send a presentation movie with a study case about the campaign (challenge, creative idea, results) meant to be shown during the Awarding Gala. Maximum 1 minute of length, .mov format, 4:3. The movies will not be taken into consideration during the judging and are only meant to be shown during the Awarding Gala. All information must be public. Presentation movies must be sent on a CD / DVD to the organizers by the 18th of November 2013, to the following address: 21, Gheorghe Lazar Street, The Institute.
The organizers reserve the right to request a full media schedule from each entrant to verify the authenticity of the works in the event that entry is shortlisted or a winner.
In the event of a complaint against any winning or shortlisted entry, the organizers will conduct a full investigation into each case and will request detailed documentation from all parties concerned including the complainant, the entrants and the client. The organizers will have no hesitation in withdrawing an award in cases where the complaint is upheld.
Only the information written in the forms will be reproduced if your entry is shortlisted or a winner. It is very important that this information is full and correct. Please carefully check and re-check the credits you have entered (the spelling, capital letters etc). If you are shortlisted or a winner, these credits will be published on our website and materials exactly as you have typed them here. Any amendments or additions to credits made after 4th of November 8th of November 2013 will imply costs.
Copyright and enforcement of the rules
ADC*RO and its partners are entitled to reproduce, copy, record, publish, distribute and broadcast the creative work registered in the competition in order to promote the competition and the Club.
Each entrant accepts full responsibility for the quality of entries and discharges the organizers from any responsibility in respect of third parties.
All entrants will strictly observe the entry rules. Completion and signature/sending of the Entries Payment Form will imply full acceptance by each entrant of the competition Rules.
Entries cannot be removed from the festival in any way after 4th of November 8th of November 2013.
Entry fees
Payment will be made by bank transfer to the organizing agency, The Institute. Payment details:
Millenium Image & Communication Grup SRL
Address: Str. Gheorghe Lazar, nr.21, sector 1, Bucuresti 
RO 136 74 055
Bank: ING BANK N.V. AMSTERDAM, sucursala Bucuresti 
Account: RO35INGB0001008190818910
Payment should be made no later than November 6th November 12th 2013, 6 pm. Entrants must make sure the payment is confirmed before this deadline (should you get no confirmation, you should call the organizers and make sure your payment was received).
The entry fee for the categories – TV, Radio, Print, Out of home, Media, Direct Communication,  Integrated Campaigns  is 800 Lei + VAT for UAPR members and 1000 Lei + VAT for non-member companies. 
The entry fee for the categories – PR and Online is 400 Lei + VAT. 
The Awarding Gala event will take place in Bucharest, at ArCuB, on December 2nd. 
The ADC*RO Awards Jury is made up by ADC*RO members and professionals from the advertising field from Romania.
The judging takes place in November 2013. 
The Jury reserves the right to move an entry from one category /section to another if they consider it was submitted into the wrong category.
The Jury will award a trophy for each section and Gold, Silver, Bronze trophies for each category. The jury will also choose the nominees for the main categories (announced during the Awarding Gala). The Jury can refrain from awarding some sections or categories. 
Teodora Călin / / 0728 300 570 – Submissions Manager

For further details please download the Entry Guide