About ADC*RO projects
ADC Romania was born from a plural initiative.
Unlike many other organizations with a founding myth represented by a person, ADC Romania was born from a plural initiative. In 2007, the year before the onset of economic crisis, when advertising agencies had to exchange the same creative talents - a phenomenon caused by a lack of a good advertising school, Liviu David and Adrian Boțan had the idea to set up a school of advertising. Their thought and the organizational diplomatic effort of  Andrei Borţun brought together 11 other creative directors: Andrei Cohn, Bogdan Naumovici,  Carmen Tiderle, Costin Popescu, Dan Moldovan, Dorian Pascuci, Ema Prisca, Octav Gheorghe, Sorin Trâncă, Valentin Suciu and Șerban Alexandrescu. They joined the ADC Europe platform and they all founded the local organization – ADC Romania. 
The first edition of the ADC*RO School turned from a project to an institution in only two months. All founding members have contributed pro bono time and energy to raising the first academy of creative people, conducted by professionals.
During the five editions held until 2013, the school had 214 students, of which approximately 35% already work in advertising agencies.
Since 2012, ADC Romania brought to the Romanian advertising industry a new creativity competition concept – ADC*RO Awards, organized by The Institute, in collaboration with UAPR.