ADC*RO School
ADC*RO School is a concept school for young advertising enthusiasts.
ADC*RO School is a school opened to young advertising enthusiasts. It is a concept school and not an "advertising course", aiming to build a new generation of young creatives, able to meet communication industry expectations. 
ADC*RO School means three months of intensive training with two weekly meetings: a seminar and a working  session in agencies.
During the seminars, students have the opportunity to enjoy presentations  on various topics such as: Concept, Strategy, Print, TV, Radio, Online, unconventional advertising, integrated campaigns etc. Working meetings with the creative teams in agencies provide students the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned during  the seminars.
Students receive briefs from their tutors and they get feedback from them during the working sessions. The students are organized in groups and each group has working sessions in two different agencies, getting to know different working styles and different personalities.
For graduation, each student builds a portfolio resolving all briefs and all the portofolios are reviewed by the tutors. Highest ranked students receive internships in agencies.
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