ADC*RO School: Class of 2020 & New Beginnings

ADC Romania celebrates the end of the 12th edition of ADC*RO School Thursday, June 11th, from 19:30. Called New Beginnings, the event will include the graduation ceremony followed by a panel talk – both of them broadcasted live on the ADC Romania Facebook page.

What did the 12th edition mean for the 30 alumni can be summarized as: four months of ongoing creativity, two weekly meetings, 10 mentors and over 15 tutoring sessions. At the end, their creative effort is translated in a portfolio including 7 briefs, one for each communication channel: Key Visual, Outdoor & Ambient, Video, Radio, Promo & Activation, Digital and Integrated Campaign. The portfolios are evaluated by their mentors in order to establish a final ranking, the Top 10 students and the valedictorian of the 2020 Class of ADC*RO School.

The graduation ceremony where we will find out the ranking and the head of the class of the 12th edition, will be presented by Laura Nedelschi (Independent Creative Director) and Șerban Alexandrescu (Associate & Executive Creative Director Headvertising) – also mentors of ADC*RO School.

In the words of Laura Nedelschi: “The 2020 edition of ADC*RO School was not short of surprises – like most of our existence these months. I am even more proud of the students for overcoming all the challenges, but I am also proud of ourselves, the ones that were in charge of the ADC*RO School, that we were able to keep close all the students scattered all over the country.

The surprises do not stop here, and what seemed a downside of the ceremony – canceling the traditional gathering held at The Institute, at the beginning of summer, where the newly graduates met the older generations, having drinks in the sound of applause – came to be what can be considered the most visible ADC*RO School ceremony from its history.

The graduation ceremony will be followed by a panel about what is to be expected in the future for the graduates but also for the whole industry. I can’t wait for this talk, I am sure it will be an electric one, a roller-coaster of questions and sensations which will have us experience hope as well as discouragement, bravery on one side and precaution on the other side. In two words: New Beginnings. Join us online Thursday, from 7:30 PM, at facebook/ADCROMANIA.”

The panel talk will be moderated by Valentin Suciu (Creative Director, Jazz Communication & President of ADC*RO), and will have as guests: Ivo Purvis (Executive Creative Director, MSTF Partners Lisboa), Mihnea Gheorghiu (Global Executive Creative Director, Publicis Italy) and Sorin Trâncă (Founder, FRIENDS TBWA Bucharest &

Valentin Suciu (Creative Director, Jazz Communication & President ADC*RO)

Between D’Arcy (the advertising agency where he started building his creative reputation, in 1999) and Jazz (the agency co-founded by him), Valentin contributed to projects that were rewarded at well-known creative festivals, from gold at Cannes to Grand Effie. His soul project is Together for Magic Home.

Ivo Purvis (Executive Creative Director, MSTF Partners Lisboa)

Ivo Purvis is Executive Creative Director at MSTF Partners Lisboa. He is a conceptualist and one of the most awarded Art Directors in Portugal. He worked at Leo Burnett, TBWA, BBDO and has been distinguished internationally, throughout the years, at Eurobest, D&AD, ADCE, Cannes Lions, FIAP, El Sol, Epica, CCP. In the last five years he was the Vice-President of the Portuguese Creative Club and also the Portuguese representative at the ADC*Europe board. He was already invited to judge in several international festivals like; Eurobest, D&AD, ADC*Europe, WOW Done Festival, Cyclop Festival, NY Festival and Grafia.

Mihnea Gheorghiu (Global Executive Creative Director, Publicis Italy)

Mihnea got into advertising when he was 19 in Bucharest, Romania. In the years that followed, he worked in Hamburg, Paris, London, Madrid, Toronto and New York. The work he created and creative directed over the years has won over two hundred awards (Cannes, D&AD, Clio, One Show, ANDY, NYF, LIAA, Eurobest, Epica) and mean comments on some advertising blogs.
Mihnea likes to think of new things to say or new ways to say the same things. He really enjoys that stuff. That, and raccoons. Mihnea thinks that raccoons are cool.
Since 2017, he is in Publicis Milan, overseeing all the global work for DIESEL and Heineken.

Sorin Trâncă (Founder, FRIENDS TBWA Bucharest &

Sorin started as a copywriter, then he became an awarded copywriter. Then, he became a creative director that was good enough to start a competent agency. After he did this, he realized that nurturing talent and leading by values is the only way to great work that is authentic. So he became a tutor at Scoala ADC and also founded FFFF. After he did this, he co-founded some other cool things, like Omniconvert, and wrote a book that aims to help beginners understand creative work better.

New Beginnings will take place Thursday, June 11th, starting 7:30PM, live on ADC Romania Facebook Page.

Event organized by: ADC Romania
Supported by: The Institute
Sponsored by: Unibet, Shutterstock
Media partners: Parteneri media: IQads, Smark & Lürer’s Archive
Live Streaming by: ExtraWork

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