Adelina Gavrilă will participate in the 2019 High Potentials competition

Adelina Gavrilă, Adventurous Graphic Designer at Pastel agency, will participate this year at the High Potentials competition. The event is part of the ADC*Europe Awards Festival, which will take place on 8th & 9th November in Barcelona. Adelina is the first Romanian representative to be part of High Potentials.

High Potentials is an exciting experiment in talent scouting from ADCE, bringing together a selection 25 of the hottest new talents and the industry elite in need of the ideas of tomorrow. All portfolios and works submitted were reviewed by the High Potential’s Director Hans-Peter Albrecth for the final selection.

The session takes place during the ADCE Festival, where young talents get five minutes to present their best work up to date in front of HR managers and senior creatives looking for fresh new talents. In addition to this opportunity, all participants take part in a “speed-dating” networking session, allowing them valuable 1-on-1 time with all the agency representatives to try to secure their dream role.

„As my profile says (adventurous graphic designer), being selected to participate in the High Potentials ADCE 2019 competition is a new adventure on my list of experiences worth sharing with my grandchildren and a conclusion to my 2 years of creative activity in the Marketing industry. After all this time spent in pastel, I visualized the creativity as a vaster universe, multi-faced, based on countless processes / (smaller) creative typologies. I also figured out that it’s insufficient to have a single “type of brain” (in the beginning, the move from painting to advertising was made through a strict delimitation, in a new mental-emotional space). This discovery was a surprise I followed out of curiosity and due to my thirst to excel in my artistic skills, the same thing happened about my participation in this competition. Overcoming the limits of this conference and industry, I admit I am interested in the utility of creative thinking and materializing these thoughts in actions can contribute for REAL to the human kind’s evolution. And I am very sure that I will dedicate my whole existence to decipher my own creative potential and to understand how far our human abilities can go. High Potentials 2019 will be a part of this road and I hope I will show you very soon how… To be continued.”, told us Adelina.

Adelina Gavrilă (DEDA) is a visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer at pastel. After a substantial and important experience gained in the Romanian and Italian Art schools, 2015 is the year she came back home with a fresh vision, changing the traditional artistic medium (painting) for a digital one (graphic design).

The ADCE European Creativity Festival is an immersive annual event bringing together creative professionals from around the continent for two days of inspirational talks, hands-on workshops, and plenty of networking opportunities. And events like High Potentials and Greatness Challenge are dedicated to young creatives.

Three Romanian creatives are part of the ADC*E Awards 2019’s Jury: Laura Nedelschi, Independent Creative Director; Liviu Țurcanu, Creative Director at Mercury360 and Ema Prisca, Independent Creative Director, all ADC*RO members, will be in Barcelona for the 28th edition of ADC*E Awards.

ADCE Awards takes place on 8th & 9th November 2019 in Barcelona, part of the sixth edition of European Creativity Festival. This year’s theme will be celebrating the people who are already building a better tomorrow. People who employ their creativity for good, who believe tomorrow’s problems will not exist if we start today.