Robert Ghiță will participate in the 2020 #ViralCreativeExpress competition

For the 9th edition of Creative Express (which will take place on 17th – 19th of April) Art Directors Club of Europe mobilizes young European creatives to face the Covid-19 crisis in the #ViralCreativeExpress. Robert Ghiță (Cheil | Centrade Romania) is one of the talented young creatives that will join the competition this year.

33 young talents from 16 different European countries have been selected by their respective local associations, members of the Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE), to participate in the Creative Express, an exclusive educational program that will take place online for the first time on the upcoming 17th, 18th and 19th of April.

From ADC Romania will participate Robert Ghiță, Copywriter at Cheil | Centrade, ex-Art Director and tech & digital aficionado. For 90% of his time he has a sitcom running in background and in the other 10% he tries to figure out which one to rewatch. He strongly believes it is pronounced Gif, not Jif.

I belive in creativity beyond Advertising, that’s why I am here even without the open bars or travel opportunity. To me it is simply problem-solving and that is something I used to do before starting a career in Advertising industry. It is something I always loved to do and it goes along very well with this domain. Also the Easter is practically cancelled, so I am happy to be here and thankful for the opportunity tu grow and meet cool people. Glad to be here, even more excited to get started.” says Robert.

This edition of the Creative Express, known as the #ViralCreativeExpress, challenges its young participants to develop ideas and communication strategies to face and fight the many issues that are coming up with the Covid-19 crisis, such as socio-economic impact, loneliness, depression or solidarity among countries.

The task is to wake the power of optimism, hope and the belief in a better tomorrow. Creative communication is able to gain emphasis and the young talents will show how.” says Hans-Peter Albrecht, director of the Creative Express. Him and Jamshid Alamuti, advisor and moderator, are entrusted with the responsibility of challenging the young participants to develop, in just two days, a communication campaign aimed at helping the world to stand this crisis.

The final ideas and campaigns will be presented live online on the evening of Sunday 19th, and will also be offered to media partners around the world to bring them on air. Ben Menzel from [m]STUDIO GmbH (WPP) will also overhear the presentations to try to find partners or brands to bring some of the ideas to reality.

Organized into working groups, the young talents will also be addressed by a panel of prestigious Creative Directors who will act as mentors throughout the process. Among them are Amir Kassaei (C14torce), Marjorieth Sanmartin (TBWA Germany), Hannes Böker (Red Bull Global Consumer Products), Charlotte Bufler (The Wunderwaffe), Michael Stiebel (Production Advisory Group — PAG), Marcelo Lourenço (Coming Soon Lisboa) and Juliana Paracencio (Ogilvy UK).

As in previous editions, the participants are under the age of 28, and have at least two years of experience in the sector. They are:

• Mary Pillakouri, Graphic Designer at ReD. Brand Design, Cyprus
• Roman Krmášek, Copywriter at McCann Prague, Czech Republic
• Jan Říha, Designer at Advertia Digital, Czech Republic
• Hans-Erik Põldoja, Designer at BYNEW, Estonia
• Lilla Mayer, Visual Communication Designer at Miltton Inc, Finland
• Luka Appelberg, Graphic Designer at Miltton Inc, Finland
• Tania Hernandes, Designer at What the Fish, Germany
• Stefanie Renz, Designer at What the Fish, Germany
• Mira Ilieva, Conceptualist, Germany
• Marco Peluso, Freelance Art Director & Graphic Designer, Italy
• Agnese Mignone, Art Director at Havas, Italy
• Michel Kissling, Art Director at Jung von Matt/Limmat, Switzerland
• Anouk Karrer, Copywriter at Jung von Matt/Limmat, Switzerland
• Rita Raziūnaitė, Designer, Lithuania
• Vytautė Petkevičiūtė, Copywriter at New! Creative Agency, Lithuania
• João Araújo, Art Director at Havas, Portugal
• Wil Carvalho, Copywriter at NOSSA, Portugal
• Robert Ghiță, Copywriter at Cheil-Centrade, Romania
• Daniil Smirnov, Copywriter at BBDO, Russia
• Tomáš Romanec, Copywriter at MUW Saatchi&Saatchi, Slovakia
• Karin Hykšová, Copywriter at Wiktor Leo Burnett, Slovakia
• Mireia Quincoces, Freelance Graphic Designer, Spain
• Laura Munné, Graphic Designer at Esports Media Rights, Spain
• Sara Benito Díaz, Art Director at Brother Madrid, Spain
• Marcos Noguero Machado, Art Director at Brother Madrid, Spain
• Sara Pérez Mesa, Copywriter at Brother Madrid, Spain
• Viktor Synkov, Copywriter at R Agency, Ukraine
• Alisa Mezhenska, Freelance Art Director, Ukraine
• Andrii Klymenko, Freelance Creative Copywriter, Ukraine
• Ella Pichon-Flannery, Freelance, UK
• Victoria Smith, Freelance, UK
• Lydia Körner, Freelance Graphic Designer, Austria
• Max Schnürer, Freelance, Austria

ADCE still believes in the power of creativity, and that is why it has decided to push forward and organise the 9th edition of the Creative Express, the first one online, for obvious reasons. The previous editions of the Creative Express were held in Riga (2019), Lisbon (2018), Rome (2017), Helsinki and Tirol (2015), Munich and Amsterdam (2014) and Innsbruck-Vienna (2013).

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