Three Romanian creatives are part of the ADC*E Awards 2019’s jury

Laura Nedelschi, Ema Prisca and Liviu Turcanu, all ADC*RO members, will be in Barcelona for the 28th edition of ADC*E Awards.

ADC*E Awards is the only international competition which gathers the best campaigns and design projects from Europe, giving them visibility and promoting them internationally. The ADCE Awards are unique in that only creative work that has been awarded at a local European show is eligible, ensuring an elite selection in which every single entry that a judge sees has already been nominated as a standout piece of creativity.

In total, 58 leading creatives and designers have been selected from 21 European countries to judge the projects submitted in the following ADC*E Awards categories: Film & Radio, Print & Outdoor, Interactive & Mobile, Graphic Design, Promotions & New Media and Integration & Innovation.

I look forward to this experience, especially since I will judge in a category where we’ll have integrated campaigns, heavyweight advertising, made with strategical thinking and sense of responsibility – but also forward thinking projects”, told us Laura Nedelschi, Independent Creative Director, member of jury in the Integration & Innovation category.

ADC Europe Awards is the place where you can get an overview of the European creativity. I think it’s very useful to contextualize your personal work and also your country’s. To see where you are, comparing to Czechs, Spaniards or Lithuanians. I really enjoy seeing how other countries solve the global-local tension”, shared with us Ema Prisca, Independent Creative Director, part of the selection process for the Film & Radio category.

"ADC Europe Awards is a very special festival for us, the European creatives; it’s the competitive league of the European creativity where you can objectively evaluate your thinking and your creative effort. The effervescent spirit of the creatives that will judge this competition will create very strong debates, inspirational to all of us. And in the end, you will find the desire to get better, more competitive both in your country and on the European level. And this is the greatest win." said Liviu Țurcanu, Creative Director Mercury360, who will judge the projects submitted in the Promotions & New Media category.

The ADCE Awards return as part of the ADCE European Creativity Festival (8-9 November) at the Design Hub Barcelona. This year’s theme will be “Celebrating the people who are already building a better tomorrow” and will focus on those who employ their creativity for good and believe tomorrow’s problems will not exist if we start today.

The judging process will be made under the leadership of an Overall Jury President - Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, Managing Creative Director at Jung von Matt/SAGA and Vice President of the Art Directors Club of Germany.